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Maldini Monday ... at the Bridge???

"AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini could be poised to join the backroom staff at Chelsea, BBC Sport understands." ...

Respect to Gianfranco over at AC MIlan Offside, but it looks as if Maldini Monday might be moving across town.

This story has been on the cards for a week now. The initial bylines said Maldini had rejected an approach from new Chelsea manager -- Maldini's former boss at AC Milan -- Carlo Ancelotti to take on an unknown role at Chelsea. Now, we're getting stories suggesting the footballing legend and recent retiree may actually join Ancelotti's staff. It all seems a bit far-fetched really. Isn't one of Maldini's sons highly rated within the Milan youth system?

Still, this would be a superb move. Stay tuned.

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