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Transfer rumors: I'm an Assman

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This is too good to be true.

Assman is on Chelsea's radar. Yes, folks, Independiente's Fabian Assman has revealed that the Blues have shown an interest in signing the young goalkeeper.

According to Sky Sports, the 23-year-old is attracting interest from a number of Premiership clubs including our Chelsea. Here's what the young keeper told Diablo Rojo Revista.

There is some interest from Chelsea for June," Assman said. "But for the moment I have my mind focused on Independiente.

"I always try to listen only to what my agents say and when they told me that there was people from Chelsea watching at me in the match against Tigre last weekend, I got really surprised.

"I remember that last year there were also some teams from Europe interested in me but I don't lose my mind thinking about it. I must keep my feet on the ground to be able to keep on working normally and not get distracted."

According to the highlight package below, this young man is aptly named. He's a cracking shot-stopper.