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Rant Box: Chelsea v Bolton

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Man, I still haven't come down from Wednesday. I mean, I haven't been able to think straight since that absolutely superlative display.

Anyway, we must move on -- unfortunately. Next up for the Blues is Bolton at Stamford Bridge today.

If ever there was a straight-forward match, this would seem to be it. Chelsea defeated Bolton 2-0 in this season's reverse fixture at the Reebok. Anelka and long-lost Deco were on the score sheet that day.

While this may appear a bank three points for the Blues, I wouldn't jump too fast. Last season, Bolton grabbed a 1-1 draw at the Bridge -- and, subsequently, pretty much rammed a dagger into Chelsea's title chase. The Wanderers could do the same this time 'round.

Ivanovic to grab another brace? I like it. 2-0 to the Chelsea.