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What did I miss? The post-reunion recap

A few words of advice: Don't -- I repeat, don't -- attend your college reunion.

I took in my five-year reunion over the weekend and it was one of the biggest wastes of time in the history of man. No joke. You expect these things to be a little awkward, but at least somewhat lively. Wrong.

There's nothing quite like running into ex-girlfriends, random hookups and people you simply never wanted to see. Do I sound bitter? A blast it was, I tell ya. I trust all you younger readers will heed this advice. Stay away, far away.

On with the show.

It doesn't look like I missed much over the weekend, really. Bosingwa's got a massive gash in his leg, Ricky supposedly has a hitch and Rafael Van der Vaart denied rumors linking him with a summer move to Chelsea.

I'll touch on all this later. For now, I'm going to try to forget this weekend ever happened. Cheers.

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