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Rant Box: Chelsea v Juventus

OK, there's this small matter of a Champions League second leg in Turin tomorrow. Maybe you've heard about it.

Some small Italian club known as the "Old Lady" is expecting to overturn a one-goal deficit and oust our beloved "fighting machine" from Europe's most grand of competitions. I don't think so, girlfriend!

There's really not much to say here. You all know what's at stake. You all know what to expect.

So I'll add just one more thing ... in three short words: Michael F**king Essien. Let The Bison eat!

If you're interested in a Juve supporter prospective, Alessio from Juventus Offside unleashed a thesis of nonsense in one of my posts just a short while ago. It's not his -- and I haven't read it -- but I assume it's equally mundane entertaining.


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