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Poll: Will Chelsea win anything this season?

Guus Hiddink isn't merely here to restore stability. The man expects to win.

"They are in several races: the FA Cup is there, the Champions League and also the league," Hiddink told Chelsea TV. "There is a 10-point difference (if United win) but if you look in the past at this league, and other leagues as well, some things can happen during the final stages of the championship.

"All three roads are very important: the next game (in the FA Cup) at Watford, and then Aston Villa and Juventus, and then you go on the path of the Champions League and that is so attractive. The club has the experience to go to the final. When I was at Real Madrid we did not win the league title. I haven't worked in England, which is considered the biggest league in the world, so (winning) would be a huge achievement. We try to go for this title, yes. I am not just here to add to my experience with the club and the Premier League. I want to see results as soon as possible."

Do you believe him? Can we, in fact, win something this season? Let me know. In the second poll, I ask you where you think we'll finish in the league. Hiddink says first ... and I believe him.

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