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All Chelsea wants for Christmas - The Offside ed.

It's that time again. Tis the season for merriment and cheer; jolliness, togetherness and giving; Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart; and, of course, a temporary economic boost fueled by the shamwow.

chelsea xmas

It's also a time for gifts, lots of them all hoarded up with no regard for spending, debt or the fellow man. It really is a gas. And it also brings me to the point of this post: If Chelsea Football Club could have anything it wanted for Christmas -- and assuming it had been nice rather than naughty -- what would it be?

My take: All Chelsea want for Christmas is ...
Twelve Drogba's Drogba'ing, 
Eleven Romans piping, 
Ten Dzekos a-leaping, 
Nine Bellettis dancing, 
Eight John Terrys a-milking (cash from tourists), 
Seven transfers a-swimming (in Roman's loot), 
Six youths a-playing, 
Five re-ta-ken PENALTIES, 
Four clean sheets(?), 
Three French goals (via Anelka, of course), 
Two Gerrard doives, 
And an Ess-i-en back in two or three (weeks)!

What do you think the Blues want? What do YOU want?

P.S. Happy Holidays to you all, from your most trusted and credible Chelsea news source (ha).

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