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Deep Thoughts: Chelsea 3, Everton 3

This post is going to be quick, but painful. Sure, it may be a bit rash, and I may be overreacting, but who the hell cares?


In bullet form, of course.

  • I haven't been this sick following a result since last May.
  • Shambolic. Egregious. Farcical. However you slice it, that was as awful a defensive performance as I've seen.
  • With that being said, get Hilario in the lineup ASAP. Petr Cech is spent. I've kept my mouth shut on this topic since the head injury, despite a ridiculous pile-up of miscues -- and dropped points. Sure, it was a horrific injury, and I sympathize, but enough is enough. It's time to find a new No. 1, or at least give the Portugese a run-out until Cech finds his way again.
  • Along those lines, has John Terry lost it, too? Consistently beaten in the air by Louis Saha? Louis Saha?! Atrocious today (Carvalho wasn't much better, to be fair), and has looked a shell of his former, stalwart, self this season.
  • Who would've thought this backline, once almost impenetrable, could fall so quickly. Lets hope Carlo can work some magic. Alex, are you out there?
  • Didier Drogba, imperious once again. The man has 18 goals, and it's only December. Yes, 18.
  • Have we transformed into one of Fergie's old Manchester United sides, trying to outscore opponents? Not good.
  • United can pull even on points with a win against Aston Villa in today's late fixture. We need Villa to do us a favor.
  • Where do we go from here?

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