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View at the Half: Chelsea 2, Arsenal 0

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Boy, are we lucky to have a player like Didier Drogba!? I was getting ready to write that Arsenal had roughed him up and were getting under his skin, but then, a moment of magic from Booboy Ashley Cole and a nice shinned finish by Drogba put Chelsea ahead.
Ashley Cole figured again in the OG by Vermaelen that gave Chelsea a 2 goal lead at the break.

What Chelsea needs to do: The defense has been in bend and don't break mode all day, and now with the 2 goal lead, hopefully they can be a little firmer in the middle as Eduardo and Fabergas have been making chances. I'd like to see Joe Cole get more of the ball and have the team maintain a little more possession. All things considered, no Chelsea fan should be mad at what they see out there this morning. Get it done, boys.