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More Video: The SkySports Fanzone Chelsea Top 5

Mad moving pictures being posted on Chelsea Offside this night. Moving on.

This post has been in the making for quite some time; I simply never really got around to providing the finished product. Now's the time. Everyone by now should know about SkySports Fanzone. If you don't, well, I'm sorry. Here, we're going to have a look at five of the best featuring Chelsea. You'll sense a recurring theme with most of these -- that overweight man is a true supporter, a legend. Enjoy.

1. Chelsea 2, Arsenal 1 (2007-08)
This one is probably the best of the lot. Chelsea supporter Nicholas Padayache with an unforgettable performance. "My top now! My top now!" Pure entertaniment.

2. Chelsea 2, Manchester United 1 (2007-08)
You know, maybe this one is the best. Our man Padayache is at it again, this time nearly destroying the set following Ballack's penalty. More great quotables as well: "My mic is still dead!!!" Hilarious stuff.

3. Chelsea 3, Fulham 0 (2009-10)
Good banter between these two. Scott Cullimore is representing Chelsea, as he does most of the time these days. Where's my fat man at?!

4. Tottenham 2, Chelsea 1 (2006-07)
Yes, we lost. But this is a quality Fanzone. The Tottenham supporter is fantastic. Plus, our guy ain't half bad: "He scores one goal every 3,000 games." Classic.

5. Chelsea 4, Arsenal 1 (2008-09)
Plenty to celebrate on this day. But, I must say, that Arsenal supporter did us in with the Barcelona shirt. Too soon, man, too soon.

Bonus: Top 10 Fanzone moments of 2008.

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