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Blues bid £14m for Everton's Rodwell. Huh?

Outlets across the board reported Saturday that Chelsea have launched a preliminary bid for Everton kiddie Jack Rodwell. The number I'm seeing -- and I'm rolling with the Independent on this -- is £14 million.

Wow. Of course, it was rejected by David Moyes & Co. who value Rodwell at £20m. Hmm, a hefty sum that. Is this young starlet worth it?

Worth a cool 20 million?

Of course not. But he's young and English. Thus ridiculous fees are inherent.

What I do know is that this kid can play. Primarily a defensive midfielder, Rodwell -- who has also attracted the interest of Manchester United and Arsenal -- has already made 18 appearances this season for the Toffees. This at just 18 years old. His long-term future appears to be in the central of defense, where most reckon he'll be the next Rio Ferdinand -- minus the dip in form, naturally.

Do I like this move? I do, I really do. I'm not sure about £20m, but 15 would be good business. What do you guys think?

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