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The infamous teeth brusher

While Chelsea were cleaning up on the field, David was, too -- in the stands.

In what surely has to be considered one of the great moments in Stamford Bridge history, if not footballing history, the man we all now know broke out the ol' toothbrusher for a quick cleanse in the final minutes of Sunday's 1-0 home win over Manchester United.

SPORT Teeth 213849

By now,  you all should have seen this. But there's no doubt we must not only post it here at Chelsea Offside for archival purposes, but collectively discuss his thought process.

BBCRadio 5 Live phone-in 606 host DJ Spoony actually got to speak to the now infamous responsible party, known only as David. Here's how he explained the action: "I was wanting to get to the game and I put it [the toothbrush] in my pocket and forgot to brush my teeth. I thought no one was looking. I always brush my teeth before I go anywhere. I thought no one was looking at me."


I beg to differ. For my money, the guy -- who, coincidentally looks shockingly like Terrell Owens -- is trying to erase a bitter taste from his mouth, the same one I always get when I first notice that Salomon Kalou is about to enter a match. Thoughts?

You know, we really need a Top 5 Stamford Bridge crowd moments. Any suggestions?

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