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Match Recap: The Turnaround

So I think I've finally calmed down enough to discuss the theatrics at Stamford Bridge over the weekend.

First, what a f**king finish. For those that don't know, the Blues netted a pair of goals in the final five minutes to see off Stoke City 2-1. After Rory Delap used his feet instead of his hands to open the scoring, I'd say most of us were thinking something along the lines of this: "Well, there's goes this season."

Not so. Brazilian super sub Juliano Belletti popped up in the 88th minute for a header (really? yes.) Then, who else but Frank Lampard stunned the Stoke supporters with a last-gasp laser past Thomas Sorensen -- who was fantastic it has to be said -- in the final minute of stoppage time.

Super Frank's winner sparked a bromance fest in front of the Chelsea bench, with Scolari the main target. Lamps made a beeline for the under-fire coach and the joyous celebrations began.

Could this be the turning point for Chelsea? Frank certainly thinks so.

"There are always little moments in seasons where things change so hopefully this can be it," Lampard said after his 400th appearance for the club. "This can be a turning point if we follow it through. We have lost to all the big teams this season and we are not happy about that but we are still in the mix."

Damn right, son. Lamps took the captain's armband after EBJT pulled out with a back injury and led by example. And, you know what, everyone else finally seemed to follow. Sure, we failed in front of the net for like the 1000th time this season. But we played well, remained resilient after falling behind and got our just reward.

If any team needed this kind of result, it was Chelsea. Nearly all that had plagued the club over the past month or so -- reported dressing room bust-ups, alienation, mutiny? -- was erased by five minutes of spirit. Of vintage Chelsea football.

Now, don't get me wrong, the result still leaves plenty up in the air. I mean, it was Stoke. At home. And we trailed for a majority of the match. Obviously, there is a lot that needs to be corrected.

But the way the players reacted, the way the entire staff reacted, tells me this result was more than just that. It was like a weight being lifted, or more like a world being lifted off the shoulders. No longer are the players, Scolari, feeling the pressure. It looks to me like Chelsea is ready to have some fun again.

And that my friends sounds fantastic. KTBFFH

Oh, and how about those youngstas? Stoch and Di Santo may just have been the difference, ya know. Get these kids -- and Kakuta -- some minutes.

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