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Rant Box: Chelsea v. Southend

Drogba's been dumped and Uncle Phil doesn't care, either. Actually, he doesn't care about anything at the moment.

Who else is excited for the "game of the year"?!@?

I can't lie, I'm not even remotely giddy about this match. Can you blame me? Following Sunday's performance -- if you can call it that -- the Blues have took, what, six points from their last five matches. That's about as grim as it gets.

Southend, at home, has all the momentum and every reason to send us packing. Will they? No comment.

The big news out of London is Scolari has dumped the Drogs for this match. The big Brazilian with little tactical sense is going to ride with Anelka, with whom he supposedly has a major rift. It's all going off at the Bridge now, ain't it?

Anyway, that's all I got on this one. Sorry. I just can't get excited right now. I'm numb. Help me.

Keep me posted on how you're coping with our current struggles before, during and after the disappointment right here.

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