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Thou Shall Not Spit

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This is what happens when you disperse some flem.

Chelsea starlet Slobodan Rajkovic has been banned by FIFA for 12 months after hawking a loogie at a referee during the Olympics. The Serbian defender, currently on loan at FC Twente, chunked on Abdullah Al Hilali after being sent off against Argentina in Beijing.

FIFA wasted little time booting this kid from the field in what seems a harsh ruling. Isn't it a 5-game ban for spitting on an opposing player?

The Serbian Football Federation does plan an appeal, according to a Setanta article.

"If this decision is ratified then Rajkovic's right to work will be disturbed," said a spokesman. "He made a mistake but the punishment is too harsh."

Man. Even if his suspension is reduced, he'll still likely miss a chunk of the season. I say Chelsea should bring him back to the club and let him train with the reserves/first team for the rest of the year. It could prove a valuable lesson.

What do you guys think?