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Video: Railways Cup

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Lokomotiv Moscow 1, Chelsea 1 (Lokomotiv 5-4 on penalties)

Moscow was a nightmare once again for the Blues. So, too, were penalty shoots for one Andriy Shevchenko. Sheva's penalty miss cost us the match, one we largely dominated. Michael Essien continued his strong preseason, handing us the lead in the 27th minute.

Chelsea 5, AC Milan 0

Is anyone hotter than Le Sulk at the moment? Nic Anelka thrashed four past Meeelan in the consolation game of the Railways, doing it from all angles. Lampard opened the scoring thanks to some egregious goalkeeping from Milan old man Kalac. Kalac's terribleness continued throughout the match, as Anelka racked up an open netter, a header, a tap-in and a half-volley. Nice.