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£85mil for Torres?

Wait, you thought those Fernando Torres to Chelsea rumors were finally dead? Think again.

The Daily Star -- one of the most reputable news sources in all the known
world -- says Roman Abramovich is willing to lift £85 million from his money bin in Duckburg and drop it over Anfield.

For the sake of argument, lets say there's at least a little truth hidden somewhere inside this monstrosity of an article. That's a ridiculous amount of money for anyone. However, not for anything.

I say, for 85mil, Romes should buy another club. Hell, he could buy Norwich right now. A recent statement from that club revealed it could probably be bought for around 56mil.

So, buy a Championship club, pocket about 30mil? Not a bad deal I say.
What next then?

Turn it into a feeder club!

Ship Sahar, Di Santo, Sinclair, Mancienne, Alcides, Rajkovic, Kakuta and Sheva, among others, to Norwich and let the Canaries run wild. They might end up in the Premiership before you know it. Then, two Abramovich clubs in the top 4?

Wait. No, this is a bad idea. What if Romes becomes enamored with yellow -- no, not electric yellow.
No way. London for Norwich? Please.

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