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Is Inter desperate to land Lampard?

It sure seems that way.

According to the Guardian, the Milan club are prepared to offer £15 million plus -- yes, plus -- Adriano. Are you kidding me? This rumor just reeks of nonsense.

However, it could be true right? We all know The Ordinary One is desperate to land Lampard. He's never been very high on Adriano, either -- remember when we were linked with him a couple summers ago? So, let's say it is true. Then we should pounce on this gift asap.

15mil is a considerable bump from the previous 8mil on offer for a player who will most certainly leave in a year when his contract is up. He could still buy his way out, too. That's why we should get what we can -- as much as we can -- now.

Adriano is certainly a risk. However, it's a no-lose situation. If he succeeds, then boom, we've added a fantastic piece for absolutely nothing. If he struggles, we simply loan/sell and turn a profit. Regardless, this guy has all the tools. Don't forget, just four years ago he netted 40 goals in all competitions and was regarded by many as the best striker in the world at the time. And he's still only 26. Why not take a chance on that kind of potential?

Still, I can't see this rumor being true. I guess only time will tell, though. Hell, if they're desperate to land Lamps, why not throw Mario Balotelli and Pele into the mix?

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