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Where does Chelsea go from here? Pack your bags edition

We still don't have a manager. So we really don't know which megalomaniacs will be staying, leaving or coming to the club. However, that doesn't mean we can't speculate on who will be earning 100K somewhere else next season. Really, these are the guys who should be gone. Immediately. Bye.

Didier Drogba
The Ivorian schizophrenic has no clue what he wants, where he would like to be or who to slap next. He's form suffered greatly this season. Oh yeah, and he's 30. It's been great Drogs but, with a host of suitors potentially willing to throw 30mil @ Chelsea for you, it's time to roll out.

Florent Malouda
When I see this guy play for France, I can't figure out if he's just being used improperly by Chelsea or if he's simply in a club funk. I'm usually against the whole one year and out plan, and Malouda showed signs of breaking out of a year-long slump near the end of the season. Still though, I can't see any reason for us to hold onto him -- that is if we indeed have a shot at signing another dominant left winger, i.e. Robinho, Ribery. Reports suggest Liverpool and Barcelona are interested in Florent, with the later willing to pay near the 14mil we coughed up to get him from Lyon. If that's truly the case, I think the club and the player are better of with a clean break.

Nicolas Anelka
Yuck. What has Le Sulk done since arriving other than refuse to take a penalty, then miss a decisive penalty? In the Champions League final? Two goals in 23 appearances, regardless of whether you're being played out of position, is unacceptable. Tottenham wants to blow 10-plus mil on this guy? Yes please.

Tal Ben-Haim
Looked a decent signing before the season. Was promptly skinned by Torres. Publicly lambasted Avram. Can we have Glen Johnson back?

Steve Sidwell
Superb performances ... for the reserves. Never looked comfortable, never looked likely to contribute. However, turning a 5mil profit -- if Villa are indeed interested -- is quite a good piece of business. Should Sid be applauded for his ambition or chastised for stupidity for thinking he could even crack the bench at Chelsea?

Claudio Pizarro

Andriy Shevchenko
Superb professional Sheva has been. He's suffered through intense scrutiny, bias and spite during his time at Chelsea. At no time has he really complained. He showed signs of potentially breaking out this season before, for no reason, he was dropped by Avram. While I enjoy his presence, I can't see how he could remain at Chelsea. A move back to Milan is likely, where he'll probably net 20-plus next season. Figures.

Shaun Wright-Phillips
One of the most frustrating players I have ever seen. One day he looks as if he has finally begun to understand the game and his role. The next, well, you know. A massive investment at 21mil, it's great to see he's repaid that sum with four goals in 81 appearances. Honestly, I would be happy if the club could get half of the initial sum for him. Tottenham, Newcastle & City are keen. Have at it.

Juliano Belletti
Scored a pair of howitzers for the club before mid-season. However, sorely lacks solid defensive capabilities. Always seemed like a stop-gap signing, and at age 31, unlikely to improve in any facet. Get what we can get now, and promote Mancienne.

That's a 10-player exile at the club, not counting those who may chose to depart without my permission (Lampard, Carvalho, etc.). I don't see how we can move that many in one offseason, but you never know. What do you guys think?

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