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What's Avram doing in LA?

He's giving Phil Jackson advice. Wait, what? Avram the Gone has been a guest of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers this week as the team attempts to revive its championship series with the Boston Celtics. Grant & Phil chatted it up before the Lakers' 103-98 win in Hollywood on Sunday.

"We talked about the situation that happened with Chelsea in the Manchester game, the disappointment John Terry had," Jackson said. "Obviously, he missed the penalty kick that would have been a winner for him.

And the support - I wanted to know the support he gave his players in that type of situation. We talked about what kind of character Terry had and we exchanged some ideas about coaching."

OK, two things: 1. What is the Zen Master need coaching advice for? The man has nine NBA titles. 2. Why in the hell is Phil calling on Avram Grant of all people?

Whatever. At least a the Lakers and Chelsea now have a connection, one that only underlines my support for the Lakes. Even if they have no shot in Boston.

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