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Ordinary One @ It Again

The rivalry between Uncle Phil and The Ordinary One is well-documented. Today, Mourinho buried the hatchet -- somewhat.

His Ordinariness defended Louie Scolari's decision to accept the managerial position at Chelsea while still coaching Portugal through a Euro 2008 campaign.

"The timing of the news? How can a superclub like Chelsea be publicly without a coach for any longer? How could Scolari demand his new boss's silence until the end of the Euro? It's unthinkable," muchacho ordinario said. "For me everything was normal and even if voices are raised if Portugal is eliminated I think Scolari acted naturally.

"He had a better financial proposal, a huge sporting project, and it was impossible for him to postpone or conceal his choice. I do not believe that he will study English when he should be watching videos and analysing [Portugal's opponents].

"For my part, I congratulate him for the work he has done and wish him a lot of luck at my Chelsea, which will be always mine and in my heart - unless the Champions League's draw puts us face to face."

"My Chelsea," eh? Hmmmm. A little swipe I'd say. Anyway, why don't Jose the Ordinary just do away with the nonsense and return to London. He wouldn't be one heck of a No. 2. ... "and a factory in Chicago that makes miniature models of factories.

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