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Drogba droppin' knowledge -- and cash

There has been a Didier Drogba sighting. And guess what, he's doing something commendable. Crazy, I know.

Friday, Drogs was in Abidjan promoting his new book to donate a hefty monetary amount to the Grand Bassam orphanage. The Ivory Coast man presented a check for about 2,300 Euros to the facility. He hung out with the kids, before staging a book launch/signing for his latest venture into the world of literature, "It Was Not Won." I don't know if he's talking about the CL Final or what. What we do know is that this is his second autobiography, something quite common amongst footballers.

Here's what Amazon had to say about the book: At thirty years, Didier Drogba is a global star. But his current status conceals a journey marked by uncertainty, suffering, tears. In this autobiography, he reveals bashing of heart, laughter, tears, no event of a life whose football is not the sole engine. Child uprooted, marked for life by his departure from Côte d'Ivoire and its separation from his parents, tossed at the option of removal of a footballer uncle, trained on the job in the suburbs of Paris, Didier Drogba has already 24 years, 2002, when he discovers the French First Division, Guingamp, then as soon reveal a great attacker in Marseille, the club of his heart, then in Chelsea with his mentor, José Mourinho. But the Ivorian striker is not only a great sportsman, he also imposed as a courageous and wonderful artisan of peace in his home country ravaged by war, as a man of commitment and passion. ... Man, gotta love Google translator.

Here are some quotes from the book I came across:
– "Whatever happens, Didier will always be in my heart." - Jose Mourinho, Preface

– "Listening to [Mourinho] describe what would happen in a way is almost surgical. Sometimes it was almost disquieting. As if he could see the future."

– "Yesterday was Didier, today became Drogba . I have 30 years and a new status, but not I won't forget what I am or where I come." (Come on, you've already forgot where you are now)

Be sure to grab your copy.

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