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Euro Watch: 6.10

Euro 2008 is off to a rousing start. Rousing? Well, at least Greece lost. The first round of games have been completed, so let's take a look at how Chelsea players have faired thus far in Austria and Switzerland.

Jose Bosingwa
Our newest signing was undoubtedly our best performer through round 1. In Portugal's 2-0 win, Jose showed superb versatility and efficiency -- something we've sorely lacked a right fullback for some time. He was consistently involved offensively, especially during the first half, and proved to be more competent than I assumed in defense. Final ball lacked a little, but overall he had a great match.

Ricky Carvalho
An error-free performance, one that lacked any real excitement but boomed with solidness. Ventured forward in vintage style as well. Performance overshone by Pepe's brilliant major tournament debut.

Paulo Ferreira
De La Hoya was being played out of position, thrown out on the left by Chelsea manager Portugal boss Big Phil. So it was understandable for him to be a tad off kilter. He wasn't poor by any means, but certainly did not look confortable. Struggled to get forward.

Petr Cech
Looked solid -- as usual. Denied Frei before his unfortunate departure and kept Barnetta from leveling matters. Cech was probably the only Czech player to escape criticism following the team's poor performance against Switzerland.

Nic Anelka
Gross. If France looked mangy, Le Sulk resembled a mutt. Not exactly blessed with great service, but when he did receive the ball, he decided to take pot shots from every conceivable angle. Presented with France's best opportunities, wasted them all.

Claude Makelele
Claude was among maybe three French players that had an effective match on Day 1. His tenaciousness was still there as was the running. Not so much as distributor as a defender, probably contributing to France's inability to create.

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