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Robinho says Chelsea want him. Do we?

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Real Madrid's talented young winger with the lone name has revealed that Chelsea will lodge a bid for his services. Robinho, a 24-year-old Brazilian with a knack for sucking (his thumb), said that our Blues are willing to cough up £28 million to pry him away from Madrid. Robinho has been reportedly a target for Meelan and the red cesspool that is Manchester United -- though the youngsta played down a move to Fergieville.

"What could happen is that I could go to Chelsea, as I have an offer from them," Robinho said. "Milan are also interested in me. The Milan directors have asked to hold a meeting with Wagner. There is nothing from Manchester, that's all just speculation.

Robinho's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, revealed he met with Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon on Thursday. A fee for the player was supposedly discussed.

"I met Peter Kenyon, Chelsea managing director, in London on Thursday," Ribeiro told Brazilian TV station Globo. "He told me that they (Chelsea) were considering making an offer of 35 million euros for Robinho."

Seems viable. Now, the rest question: Do we want him?

No. But that's only because I prefer Mr. Ribery on the left flank.

What do you guys think of the possibility?