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Did JT spit on Tevez?

Searching for ways to cope with my depressed state, I've spent much of my time since the final whistle combing the net reading various reports from yesterday's/today's debacle. Of interest, is the few pieces/comments I've seen about the melee leading up to Drogba's red card. Some are saying John Terry spat on Tevez during the bust-up, something that certainly peaked my interest.

I was angered of course, so I went to the tape. Around the 1:02 mark, you can see JT wipe his mouth with his shirt while closing in on Tevez. Terry lunges forward with his mouth and Tevez reacts by wiping his neck. Now, being a man who has spit on another -- not my proudest moment -- I know something about the technique. If you're going to do it, you want the victim to see what you're doing. You do it face to face. Also, if Tevez was, in fact, spit on why didn't he flip out? I mean, it was raining fairly hard. Maybe he was just wiping himself off. So, for me -- and this is just speculation -- Terry just decided to whisper some "sweet nothings" into Tevez' ear. The video is below. What do you guys think?

JT, keep your head up. You are, and always will be, Chelsea.

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