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Vote: Chelsea Goal of the Season

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Golazos. Chelsea has had its fair share this term. Though we still have one match to play -- a fairly significant one, too, I might add -- I think its time we settle which one of these beauties is the best of the season. Clips for each are below. If you don't see your favorite, go to hell. As the D.I.D.D.Y. would say, vote or die.

Belletti v. Tottenham - Jan. 12 08
Drogba v. Valencia - Oct. 3 07

Alex v. Middlesboro - Oct. 20 07

Joe Cole v. Blackburn - Dec. 23 07
Belletti v. Wigan - Nov. 3 07

Ballack v. Aston Villa - Dec. 26 07
Drogba's first v. Manchester City - 0ct. 27 07

Sheva v. Aston Villa - Dec. 26 07

Lampard v. Liverpool - April 30 08