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Vote: Should there be a playoff for the Prem title?

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Avram the Great thinks the Premiership title should be decided by a playoff.

"You play a playoff if you're level (on points) and it is decided on that," he said. "If you have the same points, you are at the same level. Sometimes, you score more goals against the weakest teams."

As the Telegraph alludes to, this mindset seems to suggest that Grant believes the title race is beyond him. I somewhat agree. However, he does have a relatively valid point. What would the league gain from such an idea you ask? Well, let's see.

A. It would no doubt be exciting.
B. Thus drawing a major television audience,
C. And turning a massive profit for the suits (CHA-CHING)

Is this a win-win situation? I'm not so sure. Breaking with tradition would be difficult. But I can find no reason not to think this would be successful. What do you think? After all, you guys know more than I ever will.

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