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Kezman releases first of likely many no sh*t? comments

josekez1.jpgWhat did young Mateja have to say you ask? Here ya go.

"Chelsea without Mourinho is not the same. Under Mourinho they were a machine which for 90 minutes or 95 minutes was working without a mistake or any faults. Now they have ups and downs and you can see them."

Wait it gets better. He goes on to say, "(Grant) is a very different coach and in the time of Mourinho there were no surprises, no mistakes. Everything worked fantastically."

Really? What gave it away? The back-to-back Premier league championships? This man, the former Chelsea player known worldwide for his renowned goal-scoring ability, has an uncanny thought process. I miss him. (Riiiiight)

I guess four goals in 25 appearance for Chelsea forces you to analyze everything except your own terribleness. Then again, I quite enjoy no sh*t? comments. Therefore I'm rooting for my man Mateja to keep talking. Especially after next week's Champions League second leg at Stamford Bridge.