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Inaugural Video Blog: CL Prev

What's going on people. I thought I'd try a new way of delivering information here at Chelsea Offside, so I went all video on that ass. This is the first of hopefully many video blogs, on the topics that affect you most -- such as Cheryl Cole's funbags. The first offering previews badly the much-anticipated Champs League semifinal second leg between us & the scum at Stamford Bridge. Let me know what you guys think. If you hate it, don't blame me, blame my body double.

Another thing: I'm thinking of setting aside a half-hour each week for a discussion session. I'm thinking something like where you guys, or me, pose a topic and we debate for 20-30 minutes via comments. Could be pretty sweet don't you think? Let me know if you guys like the idea. If so, what day and what time? Mondays & Sundays are best for me, but I know we're all scattered across the world so.

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