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The Mancs are sore losers

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Chelsea pummels United 2-1. United pummels groundsmen, stewards.

That was the scene at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, when the Red Devils were defeated and decided to take it out on Blues employees. How rude?

First it was Rio Ferdinand who not only tried to measure up to Obi-Wan Mikel during the match, but afterward swiftly kicked a steward on his way from the pitch. This from the man who is supposedly the front-runner for England's captaincy? Hmm. Rio has since arranged for a bouquet of flowers to be sent to the woman (how sweet).

Next up -- and oh so much sweeter -- a handful of United players squared off with some Chelsea groundskeepers during their warm down. It is has been reported that things popped off when the players refused to leave the pitch after being ask to do so. Something was said, and the situation proceeded to get all WWE. Patrice Evra, in particular, seemed to relish his chance at championship title glory. Park Ji-Sung -- who is one of my favorite players by the way -- also seemed to get all "Ricky Steamboat" on some guy's a**.






Way to go United. Role models for a new generation.

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