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The Classiest XI

fuckingclassy2.jpgTheir the maestros. Technically brilliant, often awe inspiring. Some would say they liken to sultry songstress Sade -- Smooth Operators. You know, the ones that lock you in and won't let you blink until the full-time whistle has gone. It's those classy footballers.

One of my best friends sought spiritual guidance regarding a "Classiest XI." I, instead, made rebuttals. Nevertheless, it prompted me to blog about it -- more specifically, to poll the readers to see who they think deserves a slot on this squad. The only prerequisite is that they must be currently plying their trade (sorry, but no Zidane or Bergkamp). So, who do you guys like? Make your own XI if you feel naughty.

Fagnewton's Classiest XI:

My Classiest XI:
Juninho---Riquelme---de la Peña

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