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The Special One Wants to Kill Chelsea. 'Fantastic.'

mourinho.jpg"I hope to play them next season in the Champions League. If I play them in the Champions League, I want to go there and kill them - that's my message."

Those were the heartwarming words of former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho in what seems like his first interview in forever. The 45-year-old tactician, who's seeking employment in Italy or Spain, showed "mad" love for Chelsea but none for current Blues Boss Avramt Grant.

"I feel everything for the club, but not for him personally," Jose said. "I still feel Chelsea is a part of me, I'll have Chelsea in my heart forever. I left and for five months you couldn't get a bad word from me in relation to the club and you cannot do it in the future too."

Mourinho went on to say he still speaks with Roman noodles, though his publicized fallout with the Chelsea owner is widely seen as the reason for his departure. "I think it was last week that I spoke with people from the club," he said. "I was speaking with Mr. Abramovich and Peter Kenyon because we still keep in touch. I was telling them I wish them always good, I wish them always to succeed, I wish them always to win."

Is this for real? I thought he wanted to kill us? And he still speaks to Roman?? I wonder how those conversations end; maybe we'll see a reenactment on "I'm On Setanta Sports." Regardless, is this nothing but a dig at the club -- at least a small one? We all know he loved his time here, and we loved his time too, but does he honestly want me to believe he wishes us well? In the immortal words of Dave Chapelle, "Come on buddy."

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