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Who Wants An Amauri?

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15682.jpgChelsea do. You want to know why? Because we need more one-name players at the club. Yeah, we've got Alex but defenders don't really count do they?. We need sans-surname attackers. Just look at the list: Ronaldinho = CL title; Ronaldo, same; Prince, mad Grammys. What else do I need to say? Case closed.

Wait. This argument sucks. Whatever I'm gonna roll with it.

Back to the real topic. Palermo striker Amauri revealed that Chelsea had, in fact, contacted his agent about his availability. The 6-foot-2 Brazilian has garnered interest, and even bids, from the likes of Barcelona, Juventus, United & Villareal. Palermo values the 27-year-old at £19 million (whoa).

Thoughts on this guy? I'm not sure if we're indeed interested, or if we were before inking Anelka. However, with Drogba's future at the club in doubt he could prove a quality addition -- though I'd prefer a younger player. In regards to him, he's got good strength, is strong in the air and adds a bit of creativity to his play. Moving pictures below.