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Palacio to Chelsea?

palacio.JPGAccording to Sports Illustrated -- yes, Sports Illustrated -- we're considering a move for the Boca Juniors forward, and could make a formal bid within the week. The fee is to be around 30 million US if we're to believe the article.

I have to say I like the idea -- with a few regulations. First, forget playing this guy as a striker and move him to the wing. He's too frail and has no chance as the meat in a 4-3-3. On the flank, he would immediately trump our existing options (sans Joey Cole). He has blinding pace (no need for SWP), excellent technical ability and a solid finishing touch (bye Kalou). I've heard from those who aren't high on Palacio that he likes creativity. Well, from what I've seen, I can't say that I agree. Others say he's just a goal poacher? Are you telling me we don't need a guy with a nose for goal? You must be having a laugh. Palacio's also said to be more of a role player instead of star. Well, considering we have enough stars, what's wrong with having some extremely talented guys who don't need the spotlight?

Of course, this is all speculation and there are other targets we should be actively pursuing over Palacio. Still, he would be a quality addition in a position I still think needs strengthening. Plus, how can you not want a guy with one of those Jedi braids in your team?

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