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Is Cashley Really Sorry?

sfnche220.jpgAshley Cole apologized today for his absurd behavior following an even more absurd tackle on Tottenham defender Alan Hutton during yesterday's 4-4 draw with Spurs at Brett Hart Lane.

MC Cashley went in studs-up with a writhing slide, which easily could have seen him sent off. Luckily, Hutton was able to limit contact -- equally lucky was Ashley who received on a yellow card from match referee Match Riley.

That did little to calm Ashley, who berated Riley -- probably with some ill flows (he did assume a b-boy stance during the sanction) -- after receiving the yellow.

"I'd like to apologise to anyone I offended and of course Alan Hutton who I tackled," Cole said Thursday. "I didn't mean to go in hard that way. It was high but I tried to read the ball and get the ball first, but he was a little bit too quick for me. It wasn't malicious and I'm a little disappointed with what people are saying, that I meant it. Of course it was a bad tackle at the time but in the heat of the moment you want to win the game and win every tackle, and as I said I'm sorry for Alan, but it was never meant."

But really, is he sorry? I mean, this is the guy who threw up while ravaging some chick (not his wife) and failed to apologize. So I think it's right for me to have doubts.

Even funnier, though, may be BBC's coverage of the incident. They've gone so far as to compare Ashley's tackle to Ben Thatcher's last season. You know, the one where he shoulder tackles Pedro Mendes into the high-priced seats. You can't be serious can you?

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