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A New Low For The Blues

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redcard.jpgChelsea has taken the totally nondiscriminatory step of banning those with Greek surnames from attending Wednesday's Champions League second leg with Olympiacos.

"Non-members of a Greek nationality buying tickets for the Olympiacos game will have their orders canceled," Chelsea's website said Friday.

A statement from the club said these measures were taken out of the fear that "large numbers" of Olympiakos fans would attempt to purchase tix through Chelsea's official website because they would be unable to get a seat in the away section.

"Chelsea Football Club has discretion to put measures in place to ensure segregation," added a Police spokesperson.

Thoughts on this? I mean, it seems pretty straight forward to me. This is wrong; even borderline racist. Say they have some sort of inside information regarding Olympiacos fans, it's still wrong. I love my club but to say I'm disappointed would be a supreme understatement.