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Breaking News: Grant Shows Emotion

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avram2.jpgI know, shocking. On Thursday, the Chelsea manager lashed out at the media and also took a swipe at player agents following a week of reported turmoil at Stamford Bridge.

"If someone else had done what I've done, you'd treat him differently," Avram said. "Even when I came you didn't give me any credit. I respect you even if you didn't respect me but since then I've heard a lot of lies. Because we lost one game, I don't think you need to lose your integrity and create stories that never happened.
"Don't listen to the agents so much. I think you're trying to hurt the team, hurt the club because we lost one game. Wait with the knife a little bit, and I'll respect you more."

Tell 'em why you mad Avram! Really, after the week this guy has endured, you had to believe he would snap -- if you can call it that -- at some point. At least we know he's human and not some droid.

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