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The Ish Had Hitteth The Fan

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Signs of a Stamford Bridge apocalypse are among us. Fine, I'm overreacting. I find it all a bit amusing, really.

ten-cate.jpgFollowing the League Cup Final, it looks as if all kinds of turmoil has broken out at our beloved Chelsea. First there were reports, mainly from the world's most reliable news source The Sun, that a training ground cage fight between Terry and assistant coach Hank Ten Cate took place the day before the final. Inside sources tell me Ten Cate, who supposedly fights like that overhyper small guy in Bloodsport, took a Cobra Kai sized beating from Johnny "Lawrence" Terry.

It has also been said that Grant failed to inform the players of the starting XI until just before kickoff. What kind of sh*t is that? How can a player prepare mentally for a match if he has no clue whether or not he will start? This points even more so to Grant's ineptness. The two players this seems to have affected most is Ballack and Cashley, who both are seeking "crisis talks" with the manager.

The loss to Tottenham has had such an effect on the club that Roman has launched some sort of "enquiry" into why it happened. I don't think he has to look too far. What this does, however, is show that our Russian man is committed to winning and will not tolerate the kind of performances the club has displayed over recent weeks. The latest inquest was the third of its kind this week from Roman and, I must say, I like it.

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