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Good News: Ron Ron Off The List

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ronaldinho-if-you-play-as-barca-you-have-an-advantage-20070601024844708-000.jpgChelsea chairman Bruce Buck told Sky Sports that he loathes Ronaldinho and the party man will, indeed, not arrive at Stamford Bridge this summer. OK, so he didn't put it like that. But, he did say the Brazilian is unlikely to join the Blues.

"Ronaldinho? No, I don't see it being likely that Ronaldinho will be here next year," Buck said.

In the same interview, Buck said re-signing Super Frank is still a priority.

"He's a wonderful player and a superb guy and we'd like to see him for the long-term at Chelsea football club."

Personally, I'm indifferent on this subject. Some days I want him to stay, others I'd like him to haul off to Spain. Either way, I don't see it hurting us too much (like we won't sign some massive talent to replace him).