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Ferreira inks 5-year extension. Whaaa?

Chelsea right-back Paulo Ferreira signed a five-year extension with the Blues early Monday. My reaction: Why?

pauloferreira070605.jpgIn a deal about as bizarre as when Greedo shot first,Chelsea upper management have either assuring that we received a transfer fee when he's moved or have lost their collective minds.

Don't get me wrong, I think Paulo has done fairly well but, of late, he's lost the spark and clearly has absolutely nothing on Belletti. I think he's played decent this season, but lapses have come all too often. The man is 29 -- I know its not that old for a defender -- but still five years?

Looking into this further -- probably too far -- maybe this says something as to our left-back situation since Paulo has shown to be quite versatile. If so, good bye Cashley.

As it stands, he played a massive role in bringing a Premiership title to the Bridge and I wish him the best. Let's hope he can return to the form he showed early in his career at Chelsea.

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