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Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge warns Chelsea: Play me in Carling Cup Final or I'll leave

wb.jpgThat's the headline, courtesy of The Daily Mail -- and Chelesa fans cringe. According to the paper's report, Bridge is completely fed up with his lack of first-team appearances (again) and has thrown a tantrum the size of Didier Drogba. The article is quite clear on this: Bridge will demand a transfer is he is not picked over Ashley Cole to start the Carling Cup final against Tottenham on Feb. 23.

Supposedly our man was hot after being left out of the squad for Sunday's borefest against Liverpool. The Mail also reveals that Avram the Grant told his players during a training session Monday that they could leave if they were unhappy (what?). This is possibly the out Bridge has been seeking.

I, for one, believe it would be a massive mistake to let this man leave. My thoughts appear to be shared by quite a few Chelsea supporters, too. Over the past two seasons, Bridge has consistently out-performed Cole at leftback. More importantly, perhaps, he's yet to find himself on the wrong side of the tabloids. As it stands, I find it hard to believe he won't be gone come the summer regardless of whether he starts or not. It's unfortunate.

So, why don't we place a little more blame on ol' Cashley? First, we swap one of the best defenders in the world -- Bill Gallas -- for a man known for wearing white after Labor Day. And now, we will likely lose one of the most consistent leftbacks in England because of him. Hmmmmm.

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