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Recap: Let's hope they don't meet again

Well, what can you say about that. Nothing really. It was one of the worst performances I've seen from a Chelsea side -- did we even have a shot on goal? And Liverpool was nearly as poor.

You don't believe me? Read what the papers had to say following the mantastic goalless draw at Stamford Bridge on Sunday...

The Guardian: If that's the "best of the Premier League" then God help us all

The Mirror: Dull draw as Blues miss chance to close gap

The Independent: Chelsea's global advert falls flat

One thing I will point out, however, is the horrendous performance exhibited by Chelsea's midfield. Frank Lampard clearly was rushed back too quickly -- or maybe my overall opinion of him is finally surfacing for all to see. He and Makelele squandered possession with alarming frequency. It was appalling really. Ballack failed to find a grip on the contest and it's becoming apparent that he and Lamps may not be able to occupy the same midfield. I will say that Javier Mascherano played a starring role in limiting our production from the middle of the park. Still, though, he wasn't solely responsible for our lethargic performance.

Avram Grant should probably shoulder the burden of this rotten display somewhat. The 4-3-2-1 was doomed from the go. The midfield was crowded and Liverpool were successfully able to cut off service for Anelka, who was largely invisible. A 4-4-2 would have probably been more suitable -- but then again, who do we play alongside Nic? Pizza Man? Riiiiight.

Another thing, and CSD has touched on this too, is the officiating. Mike Riley isn't particularly adored by the Blue half of London and for good cause -- he sent off Ballack in last season's coinciding fixture. This time, he chose not to extend early baths but rather blow his whistle any time a man touched another man inside the box. Talk about a homophobe.

Match Highlights Evidence of the forgettable:

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