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History? Please.

I keep hearing this "history" argument from Liverpool supporters in regard to our recent success in the Premier League. "You have no HISTORY!" Really, what is that?

111.jpgI mean, is that a joke? Every club has history, some a rich tradition of success, others with scattered pieces of brilliance. Using history as an argument for your club being "better" than another is just nonsense. If we're going to use the word
history, how about this: Liverpool has a history of waiting. (As in waiting 18 years for a league title.)

I foresee a growing number of Reds supporters attacking me in the near future. Let's predict their angles. Roman's checkbook? Response: How much has Rafa spent, £130 million? Champions League? Response: Yeah and? This is the league mang. We
have 18 league titles. Response: How many since 1990?

I'm rambling. On to Sunday's beating.

Liverpool hauls its mediocre ass to Stamford Bridge for its
version of Custer's Last Stand (we all know how that turned out). The Reds, really, must win if they want to stay in the race for fourth place. Unfortunately (wink), they'll be flailing around the Bridge without girly man Fernando Torres, Carragher's muscle -- Daniel Agger -- or Xabi Alonso.

Chelsea, however, should have The Force back in midfield aka Obi-Wan Mikel and we could see the inclusion of one Frank Lampard. Ricky Carvalho also will be back and primed for a few choice slide tackles on Ryan Babel fish.

Capris Fernando? Come on.

We're undefeated in eight league matches and haven't lost at home since Feb. 2004 against Arsenal. I doubt that will change Sunday.

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