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Rijkaard lusts for Drogs

The Barcelona coach has admitted he's keen on bringing the world's foremost spokesperson on bipolar disorder to the Nou Camp.

And I say, pass us a hefty sum and he's yours! Or, you can just ship Bojan or Messi or any of the other soon-to-be world class players lurking around the Barcelona training facilities -- Gai Assulin or Thiago Alcántara anybody -- to the Bridge in return.

A transfer fee this big?!?

Yeah, I know the sentiment of most Chelsea fans. Why sell? Well, let's see. Yeah, he is a fine player, possibly the most imposing striker in the world. But come on, the guy will be 30 in March and, for someone that works as hard as he does on the field, that number is alarming. Oh, and he's a certified nutjob. I haven't seen so much indecision since Thierry Henry and Robert Pires' flogged attempt to mimick the Dutch master in 2005.

So, if we can get a number upwards of £30 million for Drogs I say take it. And if an interesting swap deal was to emerge, I say give it a look. There's no need to sell, of course, but it wouldn't be that bad of an idea, would it?

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