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Mike Ballack got blogs, son

Thx to forum user sayen, I've discovered footbo, a "social network for football lovers worldwide." Now, this site is far from groundbreaking. However, it does have the unique platform of offering real player blogs.

Alex Song, former Blue Shaun Wright-Phillips, they're there. So, too, is the big German. Check out what the man has to say here.

From the looks of it, he doesn't have much to say at all. Ballack, just recently back in training with Chelsea, has posted only two blogs -- both in mid-October.

Dude needs to step his blog game up (word to myself).

Furthermore, he writes in German. Come on, man. Branch out. Do the deed. Go English. Of course, I'm being blatantly discriminating with the above verbage but I don't really care. Seriously, I love Germans (no homo).

Anyway, let's hope Ballack gets back on his grind soon -- both for Chelsea and us dedicated readers at footbo.

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