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Rant Box: Chelsea v Burnley

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It starts with a "B" and ends with a "ley."

Thank God it's not Barnsley.

Burnley entertains Chelsea in a Carling Cup fourth-round tie set for tomorrow night. The Clarets, currently a not-so-shabby fifth in the Championship, will be eyeing a shock knockout in front of a sellout home crowd.

They'll likely have to do it against a strong, devastating Chelsea side. Senior players at the club this week vetoed Uncle Phil's propsed Arsene Wenger plan -- unleashing our youth ranks in this second-rate, but first in our hearts, competition. So, while the likes of Scott Sinclair and Branislav Ivanovic will probably get a look, expect Super Frank, Drogs & Co. to be in the mix come kickoff.

The Blues, coming off a comfy 2-0 result over Blackburn in tsunami match '08, are looking to reach a fourth Carling final in five years.

Keep me posted on what you've got to say before, during and after the mauling match right here. Bitches.