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Anelka: Still Le Sulking

The Nicolas Anelka transfer saga continues to drag on, with no significant news surfacing so far today. The last word was that St. Nic had repeatedly demanded the Bolton suits sanction a move to Chelsea. According to his agent, Doug Pingisi, the forward anticipates making the move in time for Saturday's clash with Tottenham -- though news out of the Bolton camp suggests otherwise.

"He really wants to go to Chelsea. Nicolas is calm. He hopes everything will be finalised this week. He has been waiting for such an opportunity for years. He appreciates that he is at the top of the list of players wanted by Chelsea at the moment. For Nico, it's vital that he finds a club that will let him compete at the highest level. It's also a club involved in every competition, particularly the Champions League." -- Pingisi, as told to L'Equipe.


This way to London!

Our initial offer, between £11-12 million, was vehemently dismissed by Megson & Co. It is believed Bolton is seeking anywhere from £15 to £18 million for the French striker. Say that again. Eighteen million? As it stands, it looks like Chelsea may not cave in for once. I've read that a final offer of £12.5 million was to be lodged and if it is refused, we will piss off. I like the idea of negotiating; it seems to work in all aspects of life. Maybe Roman has finally decided throwing ridiculous wads of cash at aging strikers is a bit risky ... hmmmm.

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