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Carling Cup: Hull City v Chelsea


Its been almost SEVEN days since Jose left, and it feels like a lifetime. I still can't get my head around WHY Chelsea and Jose parted the way they did!!! To me the most appropriate time to part company should have been at the end of last season, especially with all the press speculation from January that Jose was 'on his bike.'

I watched a programme last night with two 'respected' sports journalists and they said they are as 'gobsmacked' as the fans as to why Jose left and they are in 'the know.' They said that during the Chelsea tour of the USA, Jose was most approachable, calm, relaxed and looking forward to the challenge of the season ahead. About Avram Grant they said nothing but good things and they said that Grant spoke to them at all times and he was very approachable as much as Jose was.

With respect to Avram Grant and all the 'negative' press about him this last week, this season and my dream of the Champions League trophy is completely wasted and IF Grant stays in his post, then all that he has said so far, doesn't mean anything - for a start he said today that 'it was right for Chelsea and Jose to part company and that he (Avram) will win silverware for Chelsea this season). Chelsea won't win a thing this season, simply because the club is in 'turmoil.'

For Grant to even win the Carling Cup this season (Chelsea won it last season), he is going to have to work some miracles. He is going to have to play ALL the best players until he gets his system right and what with the Premiership and the Champions League coming up inside seven days, does he risk getting the top stars playing all the time - except for Lampard, Drogba, Carvalho etc etc etc!!!

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