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Sing When You're Cheated, Sing When You're Cheated!!


What can you say? Jose loses his job on Wednesday, Chelsea has to play the Champions on Sunday, Chelsea appoint a new manager on Thursday, Chelsea still have to go to Old Trafford to play the Champions on Sunday.

OK you take it on the chin, you look at all the previous stats, records and acheivements that Chelsea has gained at Old Trafford in the Premiership years and hope, because a new man is in charge, the Gods and luck are on your side!!

The team who hasn't scored a league goal in two league matches prior to today to be honest didn't look any different without the influential names of Lampard and Drogba in the side and if I am to be honest a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford this afternoon would have suited me down to the ground.

There was no Jose in charge but a bloke called Avram Grant, brought in by Rich Boy in the Summer, as Director of Football and has become the manager and coach of Chelsea Football Club.

Rich boy's yes boy if we are honest, if you believe what you have read in today's papers, that Rich Boy wants control of team affairs and if true what a job Rich Boy did... I could have done better than Rich Boy for a start leave your toy boy alone.

What Rich Boy can do with his millions and billions or notes is down to him, but I hope that Rich Boy has learned that he can't buy EVERYTHING!!! Everything includes the officials, the men in black, the men in charge of today's game at Old Trafford.

A few weeks ago Paella man at Scumpool got a phone call from Keith Hackett, who is the boss of Premiership referees, to apologise for Rob Styles penalty award when Malouda was accused of diving at Scumpool. Last weekend Jose demanded that Hackett should ring him to apologise for the goal against Blackburn, which was 'disallowed.' The phone call never came.

Tomorrow Avram Grant should get a call from Hackett regarding the worse referee in the Premiership, Mike Dean and I thought Graham Poll was shit!!!!

Utd's first goal came into 2mins 30secs into first half injury-time when injury-time was called for 2 mins, the first half ended after 3mins 30 secs of injury time. WTF

As for Utd's second goal two minutes from full-time well what can you say. Chelsea has been criticised for having 'divers' namely Drobga and Robben, but OMG the OSCAR for the BEST PLATOON (SHOT IN ACTION DIVE) must got to Louis Saha. Up Saha got and struck the penalty home and sealed Utd's win.



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