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My Jose Statement and There WILL BE More to Come


I really do not know where to start. I did post earlier this morning once I had found out the news and that was it. After all I could hardly ring in work to go sick!!! Could I?

Anyway as the day progressed I have gone from 'shock, unbelievable' to disbelief and extreme anger. Why anger or angry? Unless you have been on planet planet or wherever, Jose's departure has been on the cards since the beginning of the year and Chelsea even issued a statement that relations between the owner and Jose, were workable.

So on we go, the season starts we get a few injuries - Jose loses his cool against Blackburn and then again against Rosenborg on Tuesday night - anybody would, the stats were infavour of Chelsea but the 1-1 draw was seen as a shock result throughout Europe (especially for the first time, Chelsea was given top seed status).

TV coverage on Tuesday night caught Mr A in the directors box laughing and joking with his new bird and this happened on more than one occasion especially when Chelsea was 1-0 down. Once Chelsea equalised, Mr A looked more serious!!!!

What does that tell you? Mr A for me the 'little rich boy' had already made his mind up that Jose had to go.

In fact the 'rich boy' had already made his mind up back in the Summer when Avram Grant was 'poached' from Portsmouth and appointed as Director of Football, a move that Jose opposed and didn't want. Peace it appeared was secured and everybody 'oh happy days' flew off to America for pre-season training and a few games.

Little did we know that tow months later Avram Grant would be confirmed as new Chelsea manager/coach on September 20th, 2007 except those who had an inkling. Again 'rich boy' knew exactly when it was going to happen and I suspect the most senior inner sanctum of Chelsea Football Club knew it was going to happen, sooner rather than later and Jose certainly did.

So WTF is Avram Grant?

Avram Grant was brought in by 'rich boy' in the Summer to become Director of Football - my boy said at the time (there's the next manager in waiting).

Grant was Israel's national team manager, prior to that he was manager of successful Israeli's clubs.

To me 'rich boy' has got his own way and possibly, possibly sent Chelsea back into mediocrity. I can only offer this limited suggestion to upset Chelsea supporters this evening - Grant has been with the club since the Summer and has been in the background for every game that Chelsea has played so far this season . He has been able to formulate his own ideas, to satisfy 'rich boy's' demands, and no doubt has had the opportunity to speak to every single player in the squad in his previous command of 'Chelsea Director of Football.'

For me personally. I feel conned and I am angry. The reason I feel 'conned' is that during the Summer I renewed my season ticket on the basis that Jose would see out this season and hopefully see out his contract untill 2010.

I would rather had the opportunity to decide whether or not to renew my season ticket if Jose had gone in the Summer. I know I would have and you know I would have, the difference being is this season has started and I am now committed to my club being managed by someone who has never managed a club outside of Israel!!!

Chelsea has this evening issued 'an open letter' to fans to explain the circumstances of events over the last 24 hours. To read it full, click here


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